Do NFL ball boys get paid? (2023)

Yes, NFL ball boys do get paid. The salary for a ball boy will vary depending on the team, but on average they make between $9 and $15 an hour. Some teams may pay more, particularly if the ball boy is responsible for more duties than just retrieving the footballs during practice and game day.

Why Do Microphones Screech?

Why Do Microphones Screech?

Other duties can include helping out with equipment and other activities related to game day preparation. Ball boys typically receive some form of reimbursement for their activities, such as a meals allowance, benefits, or other perks such as team merchandise.

Additionally, some teams will offer bonuses down the line for applicable ball boys who have served long term with the team.

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How much does a ball boy for the NFL get paid?

Ball boys for the NFL typically receive an hourly wage for their services. According to Indeed. com, ball boys for the NFL earn an average salary of $14. 21 per hour. Of course, this number may vary depending on the team and location, as well as relevant experience.

For example, the San Francisco 49ers pay ball boys an average of $13. 90 per hour while the Dallas Cowboys offer ball boys up to $16. 35 per hour. The salary may also depend on the amount of hours worked.

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Ball boys usually work a few hours before games begin, cleaning and preparing the field, until the game is over. Additionally, ball boys might also be asked to assist with post-game duties, meaning they can potentially earn more money.

It is important to note that in most cases, ball boys are considered part-time employees.

How much do NFL ball boy makes?

The exact salary of NFL ball boys varies from team to team, but the average pay for a ball boy is typically between $7 and $13 per hour. They may also receive payments from sponsors or bonuses depending on the team they work for.

In addition to their hourly wage, some teams provide their ball boys with health and retirement benefits, free tickets to home games, and occasionally merchandise. The number of hours that ball boys are expected to work vary as well, but most teams require them to arrive at least two hours prior to game time and then stay at least an hour afterward.

The duties they perform typically include retrieving and delivering game balls, helping players and coaches, and performing general maintenance tasks.

What’s the lowest paying job in the NFL?

The lowest paying job in the NFL is that of an athletic trainer. These individuals typically make somewhere around $32,000 to $45,000 a year. They are responsible for helping aid players in rehabilitating injuries, providing pre-practice and pre-game warm-ups, as well as dealing with rehabilitation and other medical issues.

While Athletic Trainers often have educational backgrounds in health and physical fitness, this does not guarantee a large salary or even a high level of job security. They must remain at the lower end of the job market and accept what salaries are available in order for the team to remain below the salary cap, the collective bargaining agreement, and avoid salary-cap related penalties.

Do ball boys get Super Bowl rings?


No, ball boys do not get Super Bowl rings. These rings are exclusive to the players and coaches on the winning team and are presented at the postgame Super Bowl celebration. The National Football League gives each member of the winning team an exclusive, custom-designed ring including the official Super Bowl logo.

They are made of precious metals and feature several gems, like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Although ball boys are important contributors to the team, they are not given Super Bowl rings.

What is the highest NFL cheerleader salary?

The highest NFL cheerleader salary can vary widely depending on experience and the team, but salaries generally range from $50 to $150 per game. Cheerleaders for the Super Bowl typically make $500 for the game itself and $1,000 to $2,500 for the week leading up to it.

Aside from performing, NFL cheerleaders also attend events and make appearances. The base salary for a rookie NFL cheerleader is typically between $75 and $100 per game. Experienced veterans can make up to $250 per game, while those on the greatest teams can make far more.

Cheerleaders representing teams in the playoffs may also receive additional bonuses.

In addition to the salaries earned during the football season, NFL cheerleaders may have additional opportunities to make money. They can often make extra money by participating in community service events or making appearances at corporate and community functions.

They are also often asked to sign photographs and autographs, which can command a healthy fee. Professional cheerleaders also have access to contracts outside of football, where they can make a decent living consisting of endorsement deals from companies such as athletic wear brands, dancing and instructional videos, and even reality TV programs.

Do NFL Waterboys travel with the team?

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Yes, NFL waterboys travel with the team. Waterboys are part of the team staff and provide water and other items during practice, as well as on game days. They usually travel with the team on road trips to help stay hydrated and ensure the team has their basic needs met.

On game day, they are responsible for having all refreshment items ready for the players and coaches at the locker room, on the sidelines, and on the field. Some waterboys also go on the team’s charter flights to help the players and crew with any needs.

Waterboys must have a professional demeanor and be able to handle pressure well, since they are often required to handle competitive situations in a calm and polite manner.

What does an NFL ball boy do?

An NFL ball boy is an integral part of game day operations for any professional football team. These individuals assist the team in various ways, such as retrieving and delivering footballs to and from the field, helping to transport medical supplies and equipment, and setting up special projects for the team’s special teams.

On the field, ball boys help to line up players, bring out the offense in preparation for the next play, and act as water boys, bringing refreshments to the players. They also collect balls that have gone out of bounds and return them to the ball boys’ station near the sidelines.

Off the field, ball boys help to keep the locker room, weight room, and other team facilities in order. They help to check in seats during games, lift and manage equipment, and may be called upon to help in other parts of the stadium and team operations.

During practices, they keep fresh balls accessible and help to move equipment around the field.

In the end, NFL ball boys are responsible for the overall game day organization and operation, and they play a vital role working with players and coaches alike to ensure that they are ready and able to perform their best on the field.

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