GT vs CSK Live Highlights, IPL 2023 Qualifier 1: MS Dhoni and Co beat Gujarat by 15 runs, into the final (2023)

GT vs CSK Live Highlights, IPL 2023 Qualifier 1: MS Dhoni and Co beat Gujarat by 15 runs, into the final (1)Chennai Super Kings' Matheesha Pathirana appeals unsuccessfully for the lbw against Gujrat Titans' Rashid Khan, left, during the Indian Premier League qualifier cricket match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujrat Titans in Chennai, India, Tuesday, May 23, 2023. (AP Photo /R. Parthibhan)

Gujarat Titans vs Chennai Super Kings highlights, IPL 2023 Qualifier 1: Four-time champions Chennai Super Kings beat Gujarat Titans by 15 runs in the Qualifier 1 to enter final of the Indian Premier League.

Defending champions GT will get another chance to reach the final as they play the winner of the Eliminator in Qualifier 2 at Ahmedabad on Friday. Sent in to bat, opener Ruturaj Gaikwad top-scored with a 44-ball 60 as Chennai Super Kings posted a competitive 172 for seven.
In reply, GT were all out for 157 in 20 overs.

Shubman Gill (42) looked in good touch but none of the other batters could get going. In the end, Rashid Khan (30) made a late attempt before losing his wicket.

Match EndedIndian Premier League, 2023 - Qualifier 1

Gujarat Titans

157 (20.0)


Chennai Super Kings

172/7 (20.0)

Match Ended ( Day - Qualifier 1 )
Chennai Super Kings beat Gujarat Titans by 15 runs

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IPL 2023 Qualifier 1, GT vs CSK highlights: Catch all the highlights between Gujarat Titans vs Chennai Super Kings from MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai.

23:25 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Dhoni gets Rashid trapped at deep point

Sriram Veera: The importance of Rashid Khan’s dismissal even though the asking rate was very high was reflected in Stephen Fleming’s reaction: he jumped up from his seat and roared. If any batsman could have done it - 31 from 10 - on a sluggish pitch where all batsmen struggled to get the big hits going, it had to be Rashid, the unorthodox but splendidly skilled batsman. Not just a fascinating batsman to watch, but he can take any pitch out of the equation with his unique wrist-snapping game. He can snap that wrist and scythe his bat at awkward angles. Dhoni had the plan for him: bowl well outside off and have a deep squarish point in place. Tushar Deshpande hurled one well outside that Rashid let go, but it was legal. Next ball was well outside off, full and dipping, and Rashid had to go for it. He went with that slice-chop of his but found that deep point man who didn’t have to move an inch.

23:24 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Chennai into the playoffs

Pathirana to close things off. A single from Noor Ahmed to start off. The slinga goes wide down the leg side, Dhoni may have hurt his thumb in the attempt to collect that. 2 wides come. Singles won't help Gujarat here. As soon as the equation falls to 22 off 3, the Chepauk crowd goes berserk chanting 'CSK, CSK'. Despite a boundary that is edged behind. Shake of hands in the dugout with one ball to go. A wide has halted the celebrations for a bit. Pathirana sprints it again, bangs it short and up it goes. Deepak Chahar sprints all the way from mid off to complete a catch to wrap up the game. He may as well have pulled a hamstring. Here's the bigger take though, CHENNAI SUPER KINGS WILL PLAY THE IPL 2023 FINAL.

23:17 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Gaikwad takes a scorcher

Sriram Veera: A father in the stands put his hand gently on his son to stop him from celebrating as the umpires referred the catch by Ruturaj Gaikwad upstairs. The son stopped, and looked up at the big screen. So did the entire crowd. Vijay Shankar had whipped a full ball in the 18th over towards deep midwicket but it seemed it would fall short. But out rushed Gaikwad and he had to throw himself fully forward and yet managed to clasp his fingers around the ball. The TV umpire was quick to say, ‘I can see his fingers under the ball’ and gave his verdict without asking for a zoomer. The boy, one presumes is dancing in the aisles, still.

23:17 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Rashid gone, game gone?

Deshpande will bowl the penultimate over. First ball, low full toss and Rashid has crunched this through covers for four. Pressure pressure? Another full toss is dished a delivery later. Slower and wide. Rashid slices it, but straight to the fielder at the ropes. Deshpande pumps his chest. 'Game over,' says Graeme Swann on-air. Surely it is.

Shami doesn't care. Flicks one over mid wicket, bounces in no man's land before crossing the boundary. He can bat, remember? Lord's 2021. Even Nagpur 2023 more recently. If you can smoke the red ball, why not white. 146/9 after 19 overs. 27 needed off the last over. One wicket in hand.

23:11 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Vision of a gully-cricketer and skills of an international

Sriram Veera: Rashid Khan is probably the most unique batsman out there. Wonderfully wristy with a vision of a gully-cricketer and skills of an international, he combines both to fascinating results. In BBL, his batting clips often go viral; the way he snaps his wrists and pulls off amazing angles. A bit like Harbhajan Singh, but way with more snappier rubber-wrist and an ambition to get even more zanier. In one of his batting video at the nets he posted couple of years ago, he successfully sent a full ball between his legs! On Tuesday night, he swatted Pathirana’s yorker to deep midwicket for couple and then stood tall to flat-bat a short ball over extra cover for a six.

23:08 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Two wickets off the over!

Pathirana has been key for CSK in the death overs. On he comes for a third. A bit of a fumble, not costing anything, from his fielder at mid off sees MS Dhoni ask for deep breaths and a 'cool down' (we're not that good at lip reading). Shankar meanwhile, has pulled one straight to Ruturaj Gaikwad, who takes a brilliant diving forward catch. Umpire's have a check. All good. GT lose a seventh wicket.

Back to back wickets! You won't believe this. Minutes ago, Subhranshu Senapati, the substitute fielder in for CSK, had been asked by MSD to calm down after he fumbled off a regulation collection at mid off. Here he is, aiming for the stumps from the edge of the ring. BULLS EYE! Darshan Nalkande is gone for a golden duck. Eight wickets down. Noor Ahmed joins in his fellow Afghanistan spinner in the middle. There's an lbw appeal against Rashid. Not out.

35 runs needed off the last two overs.

23:04 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Game on!

Tushar Deshpande has been brought in for a second spell. And Vijay Shankar decides to take him on straightaway. Fierce bottom on that one. Full and in the slot, smacked over long on for six. Rashid Khan picks the slower length ball, clamped over long on. A full toss is edged behind and Theekshana at short third spills it for four behind. A couple of wides in there as well. 134/6 after 17 overs. 39 needed off the last three overs.

23:00 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Carrom ball gets Tewatia

Sriram Veera: The archer Theekshana took aim and knocked down Rahul Tewatia. With his Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka who played him well, walloping couple of boundaries before throwing his wicket away to Ravindra Jadeja, out of his way, Theekshana started to squeeze in claustrophobia into the chase. The carrom ball spitting this way and that had Tewatia go for a slog of a reverse sweep, which he nearly got away to the boundary. But Theekshana bounced back with a sharp incoming carrom that burst through the defences of Tewatia. And Theekshana would pull out of the imaginary arrow from his quiver and fire it in celebration. A lovely shrug of a smile spread across Tewatia’s visage - a ‘that was too good for me’ kind of a look. And it was.

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22:54 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Rashid takes on Pathirana after the pause

MS Dhoni is having a bit of a chat with the leg umpire. Seems like something important this, the rest of the CSK fielders, Matheesha Pathirana who has the ball and the two Gujarat batters have converged in the middle with the two umpires. The game has been halted.

Okay, so Graeme Swann suggests on air it was about if Pathirana could bowl straightaway having recently come back on the field after leaving following the previous over. We're back on now. It is the slinga bowler who'll continue from this end. Rashid Khan gets a hold of his short one. Dispatched over wide long off for six. A fuller delivery outside leg is cleverly flicked behind for four down short leg. 115/6 after 16 overs. 58 needed off 24 balls.

22:47 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Tewatia perishes

Theekshana into his final over. Rahul Tewatia has had enough - four balls are enough by his standards - goes for the reverse sweep, but Ajinkya Rahane does brilliant work near the rope to save two runs. It's bad luck for Gujarat. Theekshana cleans up the southpaw off the next ball with a carrom ball. Is it all over for Gujarat?

Rashid Khan comes on. He can bat, Wankhede Stadium agrees. If he can get even half of those 10 maximums he hit that night against Mumbai Indians, Gujarat will be back in the chase here. 102/6 after 15 overs.

22:43 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: First goes Miller, then goes Gill

Sriram Veera: Shubman Gill’s face was one to be seen when David Miller fell, bowled off the pads by Ravindra Jadeja. He had gone for a walking drive, but the ball turned past the blade, hit his pad and fell on the stumps. Dhoni was vociferous with glee, so was Jadeja and Miller was understandably upset. But Gill’s face tightened, he threw his head back a bit and sighed. And looked here and there with a sense of glumness, if that’s the word to use. It’s now up to him as the sluggish pitch is likely to prove difficult for any new batsman. But Gill would fall next over to Deepak Chahar, going for the pull but unable to clear deep backward square leg. This time Dhoni was more sombre in his celebration, just clapping gently as he looked at Chahar, who was in his own world, hands up, back arched back, blowing kisses to the sky and soaking in the moment. As for Gill, he had that same glumness still plastered on the face as he walked out.

GT vs CSK Live: BIG wicket! Non-striker run out?

Deepak Chahar comes on for his fourth over. And the ploy works!

First ball of the over, slow and short, Gill locates the fielder at backward square leg. Chahar stands with his arms spread wide and a look of relief on his face. Dhoni claps his gloves. Gill is back in the hut. Are Gujarat out of the hunt?

Rahul Tewatia is the new batter in. CSK chants are louder than ever. Chahar runs in hard for a second delivery of his over, slows down as he approaches the release point and takes the bails off at the non-striker's end. Shankar looked home. A wry smile takes over the bowler's face. The umpire maybe asks him if he wants to have a check, a shake of a head follows. MSD behind the stumps has one of his own. Maybe the Captain Cool isn't a fan of run outs at the non-striker's end. Back to reality. It's not been the best of overs in the extras department. Three wides. 95/5 after 14 overs.

22:34 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Jadeja traps Miller

'You can see the setup,' goes Chris Gayle on JioCinema. 'David Miller wanted to go for the boundary. Jadeja will go wider to him.' The southpaw prefers hitting the spinners in the V, more over long on and down the ground. Jadeja keeps the ball outside off to the South Africa international before bringing one in with a sharp turn and cleaning him up. Miller stands expressionless, gazing at the surface that did him. Gujarat lose a fourth wicket!

End of the spell for Jadeja. Two wickets, 18 runs. 88/4 after 13 overs.

22:30 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Wides cost 4

There's a familiar sight on offer. Early in the second half of the Chennai bowling innings, Matheesha Pathirana comes on. Starts off with a wide. Another one, a delivery later. Two more follow later in the over. It's been an issue that had costed Chennai Super Kings momentum during multiple games during the league stage. With three wickets down, the chase tonight is at a crucial juncture. The extras will definitely hurt the hosts. 10 runs off the over, 84/3.

22:21 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Jadeja strikes, Shanaka gone!

Theekshana had induced jitters out of his Sri Lanka captain with a leading edge off a fired in carrom ball at the stumps in the previous over. His spin partner from the other end, Ravindra Jadeja, offers room outside the off stump to Shanaka, who finds Theekshana at short third with his reverse hit.

David Miller is the new batter in. A fine over that. Just the two runs come off it. 74/3 after 11.

22:19 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Shanaka opens up vs Theekshana

Dasun Shanaka, 6 off 9, was under pressure and needed a move on. And move on he did. First, a pull that may as well have landed straight into Ajinkya Rahane's palm as he ran from the deep mid wicket position towards the wide long on region where the ball nounced ones before going over the rope. The next one was dispatched cleaner, over long off for six. Good comeback from Theekshana with a carrom ball lined up at the stumps, takes an outside edge but falls safe. "That's the one," shouts MS Dhoni from behind. Halfway through the innings, Gujarat are 72/2.

22:15 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Theekshana's joyous wicket celebration

Sandip G: Maheesh Theekshana’s joy knew no bounds when he dismissed Hardik Pandya. The wicket-ball was nothing supernatural, it was a gift rather—shortish and wide outside the off-stump, which Pandya cut with a dilemma whether to hit in the air or along the ground. He chose the aerial route, though without much power or placement, to Ravindra Jadeja at point. Theekshana beat the crest on his chest passionately, jumped and sprinted with clenched fists and even threatened to produce an arrow-and-bow act, before he changed his mind and decided to punch the turf instead. In the end, it took a tap of his shoulder by MS Dhoni to calm the Sri Lankan down.

22:14 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Gill, not the most dangerous GT batter tonight!

In their little debate on-air, Scott Styris and Graeme Swann agree on the batter who's most dangerous in the Gujarat lineup. David Miller. "I agree, this is a David Miller kind of surface," says Styris. Meanwhile, Shubman Gill finds a way to get another boundary. He can bat all night, he did bat all innings in the last game for GT. Can he do it again tonight? A sweep shot wraps up Jadeja's second over. 59/2 after nine overs. Strategic timeout signalled.

22:11 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Dhoni moves field; Hardik's cut doesn't click

Sriram Veera: As soon as Hardik Pandya indicated his batting style against Theekshana in the 6th over - he was going to be moving outside leg and timing his punches through the off-side, MS Dhoni made his change. He brought the square-leg fielder and moved to the covers where the previous shot had gone for a dot ball. That arc was now packed. Hardik moved outside leg again, but this one squirted from back of length and Hardik went for the cut, and edged it to backward point. It wasn’t because of the packed cover that he went there (though Dhoni fans will be surely claiming this wicket was Thala's) as the ball was indeed short and had to be hit square, but perhaps the cut shot wasn’t ideal. An open-bat face timed punch into the gaps would have been better. But Hardik does play that cut shot like a whipped chop and usually gets it well, but not quite ideal perhaps on this pitch.

22:10 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: More spin on offer

Fifty up for Gujarat. It's been a bumpy so far, with no signs of it getting easier. Theekshana gets done with his second over. Just the six runs off it. He has two more left, Jadeja has three. 56/2 after eight overs.

22:08 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Gill with the improved cut shot, Jadeja deceives

It's a sign of just how much better Gill has looked than any of the GT batters in his last two innings. Ravindra Jadeja comes around the wicket to the opener. Keeps it wide and good length, just as it was for Pandya, but this time Gill manages to cut it clean past backward point for four.

A win-win for Jadeja at this point to beat Gill twice in the over. The Chepauk surface is definitely breathing for its local franchise spinners. Sharp turn on offer. 46/2 after seven overs.

22:03 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Pandya gone!

Maheesh Theekshana strikes! In his first over!

It's a length ball. Hardik Pandya tries to slash it behind the point region for four but perfectly locates Ravindra Jadeja at backward point. Gujarat lose a second wicket in the powerplay. Dasun Shanaka has arrived in the middle and his fellow Lankan gets the ball to whiz past the outside edge off the first delivery. "It's going to be a long night for Gujarat," claims Graeme Swann. 41/2 at the end of the powerplay.

22:01 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Nothing subcontinental in Gill's flick

Sandip G: Maybe, it was a ruse. MS Dhoni standing up to Deepak Chahar, and the latter slipping down the leg-side. Perhaps, Gill could over-balance and take the back leg off the crease, and Dhoni could stump. Maybe, he genuinely lost his line. Whatever the case be, Gill flicked the ball for a six. The defining feature of the flick was how non-wristy he was. Most subcontinental batsmen would twirl the wrists prominently, the wrists often tracing a mini circle in the air. But his wrists were almost straight, till it broke away almost after he had played the shot, making it look like a short-arm flick rather than the classical Oriental one with wrists that whirl. And Gill, in such sublime form, is too mature for such tricks.

22:01 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Skills for a slow(ish) pitch

Sriram Veera: No dew, Mohit Sharma would say at the end of CSK’s innings and if that stays that way in the chase, then Gujarat Titans would have to be skilful on a slow(ish) pitch. The pacers are going to deal in lots of cutters and of course the challenge from the spinners. Dhoni even moved up to the stumps in the third over to Shubman Gill, but the line from Chahar was down leg and Gill caressed it up and over backward square-leg for the first six of the chase. Next ball was again on the hips, slower, and Gill mistimed the pull for a single. Wriddhiman Saha’s response would be interesting to track. An effort to hit on the up almost ended up tamely at mid-off. Gill has been constantly talking to him. Will Saha be the one to go for it, but he can’t rely on his usual on-the-up through-the-line shots. He pulled the fifth ball to the midwicket boundary but found the man at long-leg with another attempt to pull a back of length delivery of the final ball. And Chahar would wiggle his index finger in air with a smile.

22:00 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: CSK almost have a second

No surprises here. Chahar asked to get a third over out of the way. The time for the seam show off has gone, slower ones come into play. The surface has the assist. Chahar bangs one in short. Pandya goes for a pull and the ball bounces just short of Ruturaj Gaikwad at the boundary square on the on side. A wry smile takes over the CSK opener's face, he knows how close that was. Gill finishes the over with another short arm jab that goes over the mid wicket fielder for four. Show off! 39/1 after five overs.

21:54 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Pandya joins in, Gill keeps showing off

Deshpande continues for his second over. Captain Hardik Pandya is the new batter in for Gujarat. Deshpande dishes a length ball outside off, Pandya couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to get a first boundary. That traditional cover drive comes off. Gill on the other end has left Scott Styris 'with no words'. Another good length ball, onto the stumps, hip positioned forward and the back to back century scorer serves him with a beautiful flick shot through mid wicket for four. All the signs of a batter in supreme form. 32/1 after four overs.

21:48 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Gill opens up, Saha perishes

Chahar continues. Dhoni comes forward behind the stumps. Chahar pitches a length ball, angling down the leg. Gill barely advances forward, it's a lean. That's all it is. Before his bat meets the ball for a scoop/flick over short fine leg for six. First of the innings. Will they ever be able to stop this batter? The bowlers this year. Saha joins in with a pull off a back of a length delivery later for four more runs. But hang, there's a twist in the tale.

Length ball, Saha looks to pull it over deep square leg but can only find the fielder at the boundary. 22/1 at the end of the third over.

21:43 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Saha survives and thrives

Tushar Deshpande comes on from the other end. Length ball that held a bit and takes a top edge off Saha's bat to land safe just between cover and mid off. Sunil Gavaskar notes on air, "It is exactly what happened when Gaikwad was batting, off Nalkande. When the ball stopped on its way to the batter." There are more than one instances of the ball landing short of the fielder in the in ring. The last ball however, goes over. First boundary for Gujarat off the bat of Saha. 9/0 after two overs.

21:38 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: First runs on the board

Both the batters are off the mark. Just a hint of movement on offer for Chahar off that wide and length ball he delivers to Saha, and the one he started off with, slipping it on the leg. Decent first over, just the three runs off it without any breakthrough. Reminder, CSK have introduced Matheesha Pathirana as their Impact Player for Shivam Dube.

21:35 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live: Chase begins

Right then, 173. Is it enough to stop the Gujarat juggernaut? Is it enough to stop Shubman Gill, who is on a red-hot spree of back to back hundreds in the league? We shall find out in a bit. Wriddhiman Saha has taken the strike. Deepak Chahar has the new ball. Off we go.

21:23 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: CSK 172/7

The last over of the innings typified how the innings have gone for CSK it has been messy. They have scraped through a total which at this point is difficult to say if it is good or not. Gaikwad was the only batter who looked good on this surface which may be an indication of this being a new ball surface. GT might be hoping to come off the blocks quickly. With the ball and on the field they have started sloppily and as the innings went on things got better but nothing to the level that we have seen from them this season. It has been ugly from both sides seems like the pressure is getting to both teams. Stay with us for the second half of absorbing cricket.

21:15 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Rashid course corrects quickly

Sriram Veera: Perhaps barring Eoin Morgan, with his plucky inventiveness, Shane Watson with his murderous slog-sweeps, and Shubman Gill with his high-quality attacking game against spin, there haven’t been many batsmen who have dominated Rashid Khan on their day. CSK too couldn’t find anyone who could do that on Tuesday night. He made couple of errors of length but both times how quickly did he course correct. First was fullish on length to Ruturaj Gaikwad that was slammed to cover boundary. Then, a shortish googly was walloped over midwicket boundary by Ambati Rayudu. Next ball was really full, and forcing Rayudu to miscue his slog-sweep to long-on. Rashid stood there, and as is his wont, kept clapping. After 19.3 over Chennai Super Kings 168/6

21:14 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Nehra's boundary line antics

Sandip G: Ashish Nehra could be the Pep Guardiola of the IPL, in his irrepressible energy near the boundary ropes. Nehra, his cap upturned like a baseballer, could always be spotted reacting to actions in the middle, almost rendering a commentary through gestures. He is throwing arms in disgust at one moment when Wriddhiman Saha could not cling onto an outside-edged catch of Devon Conway, though he dived at full-stretch to his lift. He was clapping madly at a gorgeous cover-drive by Ruturaj Gaikwad. He would scream, yell, applaud, appreciate, cheer and wildly gesticulate at his bowlers and fielders. When they are fielding beside the ropes, he is always whispering something in their ears. So animated and involved that you would think he would leap over the line and start bowling himself. Once, when asked about touchline antics, Guardiola, who had served bans in Bundesliga for over-zealous behaviour, had quipped: “Do you expect me to be like a statue?” Won’t be surprised if Nehra repeats a similar line. After 19.1 over Chennai Super Kings 162/6

21:13 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: MS Dhoni departs

The CSK skipper trying to hit Mohit Sharma's slower one over the covers gets caught by Hardik Pandya. GT has been chipping away with wickets here. Until both sides have batted it is difficult to know if the total is enough or not. After 19 over Chennai Super Kings 157/6

21:10 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: No one's got a read on Shami

Mohammad Shami has been cracking good this IPL. It has been with white ball, but it could have well been with the red for such has been his wondrous style so far. In his two overs with the new ball, he hit the back of length with the combination of heavy ball and little-shapers this way and that. The ball rushes straight from his hand with no hint about the destination for the batsmen to pick. No cheap dramatic but too early swing. No angled release that can telegraph the seaming destination. Not even a visible finger-position that any batsmen with acutely-aware hawk-like vision can spot. Fingers stay on the seam until the last minute, laid out pretty straight, and most times, even the seaming ball, he releases like a swing-bowler - the finger not necessarily cutting across the seam of the ball but ripping down on the seam on the back of the ball with his back-spin deliveries. Resultantly, no one has been able to really dominate him. It would take someone to throw the caution to wind and charge out and try a couple of slogs. Ambati Rayudu is a man who can do that; we shall await Shami’s last over to see if he tries that. After 18.4 over Chennai Super Kings 155/5

21:07 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Rashid Khan picks up Ambati Rayadu

The veteran batter has played a useful cameo here. He churned out a few useful runs against Rashid however, he had the last laugh. Chennai has scrapped itself to a decent position here. They might be looking to get over 175 runs which might be more than enough on this surface. MS Dhoni has walked into the middle. After 18.1 over Chennai Super Kings 149/5

21:01 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Jinx gone quiet

Sriram Veera: For a moment when he unfurled that signature pick-up shot to a length delivery on the middle and leg over midwicket, Ajinkya Rahane fans might have felt this was his day. After a great start to the tournament, he has gone quiet ever since he was selected to the Indian team - a combination of lack of chances and knocks like this that promise, but end. The very next ball after the six, Rahane guided a ball on the off stump straight to Shubman Gill at backward point, and stood there frozen for a while. After 17 over Chennai Super Kings 137/4

20:52 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Devon Conway departs

Mohammed Shami puts Conway out of his misery. The left-hander struggled to get the ball away throughout the innings. He did not find the timing in his entire knock and was eventually picked by Shami. Shami has dismissed him thrice now. Ravindra Jadeja has now walked into the middle. After 16 over Chennai Super Kings 131/4

20:49 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Ajinkya Rahane departs

Darshan Nalkande picks up Ajinkya Rahane. CSK is two down. The right-hander middled one straight-to-point fielder Gill. Ambati Rayudu has walked into the middle. After 15.1 over Chennai Super Kings 125/4

20:46 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Things have slowed down significantly

The most important Titans did here is silence the home crowd. The surface is just getting slower and slower and seems like it is a tough wicket to score on. If there is now dew coming in the second innings this will be a huge chase for Titans given he spin options CSK has. After 14.1 over Chennai Super Kings 110/2

20:40 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Sigh of relief-dismissal

Sandip G: Ruturaj Gaikwad let out a scream of anguish. The moment his intended pull hit him high on the bat and the ball ballooned in the air, he knew his fate. Though the spider-cam seemed to distract the fielder David Miller, his focus did not waver and he pocketed the catch without much ado. Rashid Khan too ran from long-on and stared agitatedly at the cam that would have offered the batsman a let off after a no-ball dismissal in the first over, and breathed a sigh of relief. Hardik Pandya folded his hands and thanked Miller. The celebrations were quiet, a few tired hugs and handshakes rather than adrenaline-fueled high fives. For Gaikwad had already wreaked enough havoc, providing Chennai Super Kings a rollicking start and taking out precious overs of Rashid Khan quite early. Maybe, Titans were exhausted and just wanted to see the back of their tormentor Hence it was more relief than joy. After 13 over Chennai Super Kings 99/2

20:39 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: The perfect googly

Sriram Veera: The strapping big hitter of slow bowlers Shivam Dube was taken down by the left-arm wrist spinner Noor Ahmad with a fabulous googly. It ticked all the purist boxes: flight, loop, dip, sharp turn. He tossed it up courageously and Dube went for the big hit, opening his shoulders and aiming for the Marina beach, but the ball broke with fizz from outside off to thread the bat and pad gap, cuing applause from a smiling Pandya.In his four overs, Ahmad gave away just 29. After 13 over Chennai Super Kings 99/2

20:31 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Shivam Dube departs

Noor Ahmed picks up Shivam Dube. CSK is two down. The left-hander tried to hit the leg-spinner out of the ground however, missed the ball completely and got bowled. GT is slowly pulling back things here. Ajinkya Rahane has walked into the middle. After 12 over Chennai Super Kings 94/2

20:30 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Dew factor

Venkata Krishna B: Dew could be a factor here at MA Chidambaram Stadium. In their last league match against Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings ended up with a below par total while batting first before the pitch changed considerably in the second half with the onset of dew. Although Gujarat Titans bowlers have been using the towels regularly, it could also be down to keeping their hands dry in this humid conditions. Photographers on ground say the outfield is dry for now and no sight of dew. After 11.3 over Chennai Super Kings 90/2

20:24 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Ruturaj Gaikwad departs

Mohit Sharma breaks the partnership by picking up Gaikwad. Chennai Super Kings are one down. Gaikwad trying to pull a good length delivery of Mohit Sharma gets caught at long-on by David Miller. Shivam Dube has walked into the middle for the hosts. After 11 over Chennai Super Kings 89/1

20:23 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: The partnership continues to grow

The opening partnership is slowly starting to take the game away from the Titans. Conway at the other end too now has started to go after the bowling. Mohit Sharma in his homecoming has not started well. Pandya has used all his five bowlers and none of them have been able to provide the breakthrough. After 10.2 over Chennai Super Kings 87/0

20:18 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Conway struggling to break away

Sriram Veera: Devon Conway hasn’t been able to break away just yet. Perhaps, the clue lies in the balls he has mishit and miscued. Whenever he has tried to go too hard at the ball, it hasn’t come off. And when he has played the line, manouvered the ball - be it against pace of spin, he has been successful. Too early to say whether it’s due to pitch or if he is going too hard and losing his shape. He is a very good professional who has made huge strides in Test cricket and shouldn’t be a surprise if he makes a course correction soon. After 9 over Chennai Super Kings 76/0

20:13 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Consistent Gaikwad

The youngster is looking in good touch today. He has timed the ball nicely apart from that initial Gitter where he was caught off the no-ball. He has dominated the partnership whilst Conway on the other hand has been a silent partner. CSK has not exactly run away with the game a couple of quick wickets will pull GT right back into it. After 8.1 over Chennai Super Kings 65/0

20:08 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Gaikwad jumps on Rashid error

For the first four balls, though 2 two’s came - one to a squeezed out edge and other a tap to the on side, Rashid Khan had the upper hand on Ruturaj Gaikwad. In four balls, he had varied the pace, the extent and type of the break, and had Ruturaj groping a bit. The young opener was desperate to leap out of crease, and Rashid had him waiting with length and back of length stuff. One at pace, other slower. Then he made the mistake that Kuldeep Yadav would do the other day against Gaikwad. He too had troubled Gaikwad for first two overs, before he started bowling fuller and got hit for 3 sixes. This time Rashid tried a fuller one, not too overpitched, but full enough for Gaikwad to stretch forward and blast-drive it to cover boundary. It’s a shot he plays well, and the spinners who have stayed away from that arc, with lot of skill, have prospered. Rashid vs Gaikwad offers to be a fascinating battle. After 7 over Chennai Super Kings 58/0

20:03 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: A solid start for CSK

Chennai Super Kings have started well on the score board however, they have not looked convincing at all. They have scrapped through so far courtesy of an od boundary here and midfield there. Hardik Pandya has introduced both the spinners in the game however there has been not turn on this surface yet. After 6 over Chennai Super Kings 49/0

19:59 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Rashid Khan into the attack

The leg-spinner has started well here. He did not get much of a turn but he stuck to his lines and lengths. Gaikwad hit him over covers for a beautiful boundary. This is slowly looking like a solid start for the Super Kings. Titans are letting the game drift a way a bit at the moment. After 5.1 over Chennai Super Kings 44/0

19:55 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Sloppy start for GT

GT has started sloppily here in the qualifier. A no-ball early on and then a midfield and a spell of good dot balls followed by a loose ones. The defending champions have not hit their straps yet in this game. CSK on the other hand is riding their luck. The wicket seems to be very slow at the moment. After 4.1 over Chennai Super Kings 31/0

19:47 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Wry smile for the overstepping bowler

Sriram Veera: Hardik Pandya’s lovely wry smile said it all. And how quickly did he snap out and rush to his young pacer Darshan Nalkande who looked distressed that he had overstepped on the ball that got him the ‘wicket’ of Ruturaj Gaikwad. It curved away ever so gently from a length and Ruturaj was unusually stuck on his front foot, guiding it softly to a joyous Shubman Gill at midwicket. Even as the young Nalkande celebrated, pumping his fist, the no-ball signal went up. Hardik smiled, walked up to his young pacer, patted him on the back. Still no signs of any change of emotions in the pacer. Pandya walked all the way back to the top of the bowling mark, and we don’t know what was said with a smile, but Nalkande did break out into a pleasant smile. The next two balls would have erased a bit of that smile as they flew to the boundary but it was a promising start - from the pacer and from the captain. After 3 over Chennai Super Kings 23/0

19:44 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Gaikwad out but not out

The CSK opener was caught by Shubman Gill of Darshan Neelakandan. However, the ball was no-ball. The joy of GT immediately turned into agony. Gaikwad later went after the youngster and extracted 18 runs of the over. It will be fascinating to see how the youngster will come out of it. After 2.1 over Chennai Super Kings 18/0

19:37 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Shami starts well

Mohammed Shami has started well here. He did not get much of a moment off the surface however, he stuck to his lines and lengths. Devon Conway and Ruturaj Gaikwad have respected the ball which needs to be and tried to play shots of which deserved to be. After 1 over Chennai Super Kings 4/0

19:32 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Substitutes

Chennai Super Kings Subs: Matheesha Pathirana, Mitchell Santner, Subhranshu Senapati, Shaik Rasheed, Akash Singh.

Gujarat Titans Subs: Vijay Shankar, Srikar Bharat, Sai Sudharsan, Jayant Yadav, Shivam Mavi.

19:19 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: Ruturaj Gaikwad ahead of the game

More than runs it's the preparation going into a tournament. That was very good, and it was injury-free unlike last time. The nature of T20 is everytime you can't be consistent. But the idea is to keep our process the same. Assessing the pitch and deciding our approach is important. This time my approach has been to play expressive cricket. Earlier I used to take my time for 10-odd balls. A lot depends on situation and pitch as well. Left-right combo is important. Opposition tactics change because of that. Like bowling an off-spinner or a left-arm spinner. Devon was playing fast bowlers well, but he's also played spin very well throughout the season.

19:09 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: GT playing XI

Shubman Gill, Wriddhiman Saha(w), Hardik Pandya(c), Dasun Shanaka, David Miller, Rahul Tewatia, Rashid Khan, Darshan Nalkande, Mohit Sharma, Noor Ahmad, Mohammed Shami

19:08 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: CSK playing XI

Ruturaj Gaikwad, Devon Conway, Ajinkya Rahane, Ambati Rayudu, Shivam Dube, Moeen Ali, Ravindra Jadeja, MS Dhoni(w/c), Deepak Chahar, Tushar Deshpande, Maheesh Theekshana

19:07 (IST)23 May 2023

GT vs CSK Live Score: MS Dhoni at the toss

We wanted to bowl first, reason being they're an excellent chasing side. We've exploited the conditions slightly better, in a tournament like this, the boys have adapted really well. It's important to back your straengths, the confidence level should be high. They've been able to do that and that's why we have done well. There was a lot of dew in the last game, but with breeze around, we can't say about it tonight, but it does look dry. We're playing the same team

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